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Zeus Hygia Lifesciences is founded and managed by technical experts with vast experience in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries for several decades. Zeus Hygia has expertise in the development and manufacture of specialty nutraceutical ingredients, and nature's identical food colors for beverages, dietary supplements, functional food, feed, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceutical industries.

Our innovation team of pharmacists, pharmacologists, chemists, manufacturing technicians, quality assurance specialists, and product development experts transform inspiration into innovative nutraceutical ingredient products, combining progressive rational with cutting-edge science.

Nature's identical food
colors for beverages

About our company

Zeus Hygia Lifesciences is a science driven Nutraceutical research firm based in Hyderabad, India. Zeus Hygia is equipped to develop, manufacture and market innovative nutraceutical ingredients to nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and food industries across the globe.


Nature's identical food
colors for beverages



Arthritis supplements

Joint Health Care

Betacarotene is the most abundant and most efficient vitamin A precursor found in foods, and among all other naturally occurring carotenoids Betacarotene is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are believed to contribute to certain chronic diseases and play a role in the aging processes.

CaroTex® (Biopotentiated Betacarotene) is the Betacarotene branded ingredient formulation developed by Zeus Hygia Lifesciences. CaroTex® (Bio-potentiated beta carotene ) was formulated using the novel BioFusion technology platformpatented by Zeus Hygia. This unique formulation technology has provided a betacarotene product with high solubility and superior bioavailability.

CaroTex® has undergone multiple bioavailability studies and has proven to provide better bioavailability than comparator products. Immune efficacy studies of CaroTex® were conducted in collaboration with the International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CaroTex® was observed to possess superior immune enhancing properties.


Zeus Hygia offers various grades of Betacarotene from different sources:

  • Beta carotene from natural algal source (Dunaliella salina) - CaroTex® D
  • Beta carotene from natural Palm source - CaroTex® P
  • Beta carotene from nature identical

BioSOLVE Curcumin

Curcumin is the major bioactive component of the spice herb turmeric or Curcuma longa L., a widely used natural food product in curry powder.  Curcumin is limited by its poor solubility, and low absorption from the gut, rapid metabolism and rapid systemic elimination. While the major portion of ingested curcumin is excreted unmetabolized, the small portion that is absorbed is extensively converted to its water-soluble metabolites, glucuronides, and sulfates.

The solubility of Curcumin 95% is relatively quite poor and the in vivo absorption and bioavailability is subsequently minimal. Hence, large amounts of Curcumin must be taken orally, to have some systemic effects.

BioSOLVE Curcumin is dispersible and bioavailable Curcumin powder from Curcumin 95% (Curcuma Longa) are manufactured and supplied by Zeus Hygia Lifesciences.

technologies we use

BioSOLVE Technology

BioSOLVE Technology is a patent filed novel platform technology from Zeus Hygia which enables conversion of poor water insoluble bioactives into highly water soluble and bioavailable form. This technology is based on a multi-stage solubilizing process of actives prior to proceeding with microencapsulation of actives into a hydrophilic carrier system.

BioFusion Technology

Zeus Hygia LifeSciences has also developed a proprietary platform, BioFusion technology, which enables to encapsulate the range of bio actives with a unique bio potentiator adopting encapsulation technology. Zeus Hygia’s proprietary technology works on the principle of creating molecular dispersions of bio actives in safe and food grade media .Bio actives are encapsulated in food grade carriers and forms a free flowing, uniform, micro-particulate structure. By employing the patented BioFusion technology, it is possible to encapsulate the bioactive in the smallest, absolutely homogeneous units in the form of dry and/or liquid product forms.

Meet our Team

Management Team

Our senior management and technical team has more than 35 years’ of combined experience in developing novel nutraceutical formulations along with conducting pre-clinical and clinical studies meeting USA and Europe regulatory standards. The team has a proven track record of designing and developing improved efficacy and bioavailability enhanced platform technologies for nutraceutical and herbal formulations during their association with various nutraceutical research organizations.

The team has many international patents and patent applications and has authored or co -authored more than 50 scientific studies in various peer reviewed international journals.

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