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BioSolve Technology

Zeus Hygia has created one of the most advanced and scalable platforms for improving the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble actives, which eventually increase bio-efficacy, potency, and bioavailability.

Zeus BioSOLVE Technology encapsulates water-insoluble bio-actives using phase coacervation, enhancing hydrophilicity and absorption. Its GRAS carrier ensures safety and widespread applicability in the food industry. Unique for its mono ingredient system, it boosts water solubility, dissolution, and particle uniformity. These factors likely improve bioavailability and efficacy. With advanced delivery capabilities, it enhances solubility and bioavailability of bio-actives. This technology presents vast opportunities beyond nutraceuticals with further research.

BioSolve Curcumin (Joint Health)
Berberine HCL (Anti-Diabetes)
Natural Caffeine (Rapid Performance)
Gremin (Stay Fit and Active)

BioFusion Technology

Zeus Hygia LifeSciences has developed proprietary platform BioFusion technology, which enables to encapsulate the range of bio actives with unique bio potentiator adopting encapsulation technology.

Zeus Hygia’s proprietary technology creates molecular dispersions of bioactives in food-grade media, encapsulating them in carriers to form uniform micro-particulate structures. Utilizing patented BioFusion, it achieves encapsulation in the smallest, completely homogeneous units, available in dry and/or liquid forms. This platform infuses multiple bioactives/extracts into food ingredient carriers, ensuring synergistic properties and superior stability in the final product.

Insolib Technology

This technology address the limitations of herbal extracts which tend to be unstable in acidic environment and leading to poor invivo absorption. pH dependend solubility and subsequent challenges in the bioavailability could possess challenges to bioactives in exploring the maximum therapeutic potential. Insolib Technology has been developed to overcome these limitations and carries the additional advantage of clean label ,solvent free process.

Stadice (Cognitive Performance)
Grantria (Beauty from Within)

ADOP Technology

This is an Advanced processing technology to infuse multiple Bio actives in powder & oil form together into a plant-based carrier. This technology yield a free flowing powder without any oil leaching during storage. ADOP is a clean label process and is completely aqueous based sustainable formulation technology.

Zeus Hygia Lifesciences is a science driven nutraceutical research firm based in Hyderabad, India.

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