A natural clean label ingredient for digestive wellness

Introducing GEVALIN, a natural plant ingredient derived from fruit pulp of Aegle marmelos ( Bael fruit ) targeted to regulate GERD , acidity symptoms and over all digestive wellness.  

GEVALIN is the first  brand Ingredient developed  from Aegle marmelos standardized as per USP Herbal compendia and exploring the  traditionally proven benefits bridged with scientific validation .

GEVALIN  is indigenously sourced , processed by green sustainable technologies  and standardized to active ingredients – Marmelosin and Gallotannic acid. Scientific studies have shown benefits in addressing digestive health , GERD symptoms and acidity with a recommended dosage of  250 mg per day. 

Gevalin , a clearly water soluble ingredient can be formulated  into various dosage applications


The Bael fruit is renowned for its distinctive therapeutic attributes and has been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Explore the exceptional benefits of GEVALIN™ in improving overall digestive health.

GERD symptoms
Digestive Health
Heart-burning sensation
Soothing effect

What Distinguishes Us?

Scientifically vetted


USP Standardization

Minimal daily Dose – 250 mg

Clean Label

No Side-Effects


Crafted in a GMP-certified facility and adhering to stringent regulatory benchmarks such as ISO 9001:2015, GEVALIN stands as a paragon of quality and safety.

Bid farewell to gastrointestinal discomfort with GEVALIN, a natural plant-based solution crafted to provide soothing relief and prevent acid reflux.

Supplement Formulations that can be developed with GEVALIN

Effervescent Formulation
Chocolate Bars

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