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Gremin®: Ultimate Game-changer for Peak Performance

Step into the realm of Gremin®, where muscle recovery, endurance, fatigue, and fitness ascend to unprecedented levels. Uncover the potency of natural solutions and embark on a transformative journey with Gremin®, revolutionizing your path to sustained activity, enhanced fitness, and boundless energy.

Discover Gremin – Clinically proven solution developed by patented BioFusion Technology, which involves fusion of dual-polyphenols extracted from Green Coffee bean extract and Curcuminoids.

Gremin tackles muscle injury, reduces soreness, and speeds muscle recovery. With Gremin, enhance your endurance and stamina, ensuring optimal performance during workouts. Say hello to a better, fitter you.


GREMIN® is – a clinically proven ingredient that contains dual polyphenolic herbal actives validated for its benefits in alleviating symptoms associated with muscle repair, inflammation, boosting endurance, managing fatigueness and is traditionally known for its super antioxidant powerhouse.

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What sets us apart?

A Marvel of Innovation – Gremin® is meticulously created with a unique Bio-Fusion Technology – A fusion of dual actives. Gremin® is standardized to Chlorogenic acid, and Curcuminoids within a carrier matrix to deliver a fine powder with Enhanced physio chemical properties.

Clinically Proven Clinical results reveal that Gremin® regulates Creatine Kinase (CK), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) levels and many more Muscle damage Bio-markers, aiding muscle recovery likely through AMPK pathways.

Sports Nutrition supplement – Reduction in VAS Pain score, regulated inflammation and improved endurance as per the clinical efficacy studies shows its importance to be included in the diet to reach Fitness goals.

Clinical Findings

Gremin® - helps in muscle recovery by maintaining lactate dehydrogenase levels (mg/dl)

Gremin® - VAS Pain Score Improvement

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Gremin® - Quick & effective in pain regulation. Clinical data reveals Gremin® supplementation had shown a steep 60% improvement in VAS Pain Score


Crafted within a GMP-certified facility and adhering to the stringent standards of ISO 9001:2015, GREMIN® stands as the pinnacle of quality and safety.

Incorporate 500 mg of GREMIN® into your daily diet and propel yourself closer to your fitness goals. Whether your aim is weight loss or enhancing endurance, GREMIN® will bolster your journey toward building lean body mass with its exceptional muscle recovery mechanism.

Why settle for regular powdered protein when you have GREMIN® in your protein? This revolutionary ingredient seamlessly blends with both whey and plant protein powders, accelerating the muscle-building process when combined with protein.

Did you know?

Within the realm of fitness enthusiasts, GREMIN® has surfaced as an innovative strategy to achieve fitness goals. Serving as your ultimate post-workout solution, it provides the necessary fuel for your muscles to prepare for the challenges of the next day.

With a mere 500 mg intake per day, users have reported amplified endurance levels. Stories of daily peak performance have spread throughout the town, where the amalgamation of tradition and science has birthed a revelation: a silver bullet revealing the secrets of sports active nutrition.

GREMIN® emerges as the key to enhanced endurance, lean-body mass development, and the perfect companion to protein supplementation.

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