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There are limited natural remedies for most common muscle soreness due to overuse, and minor injuries during regular exercises or workouts. Apart from vigorous exercise, even regular walking, jogging, and other physical activities may also cause muscle soreness/injuries. Chronic inflammation may lead to the destruction of muscles.

Zeus research and innovations team developed Gremin®, a proprietary ingredient using a platform technology targeted to deliver synergistic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to, support improving stamina and endurance. This unique product was developed by embedding herbal extracts in a hydrophilic matrix system to ensure better efficacy and therapeutic benefits.

Gremin®  is backed with 2 scientific studies and positioned it as a performance ingredient in the sports nutrition segment across all age groups and may accelerate muscle recovery along with improving stamina and endurance.

The clinical study data reveals the impact of  Gremin® in maintaining lactate dehydrogenase and creatine kinase levels supporting for muscle recovery. During the eccentric exercise phase, the muscle pain levels had declined prominently based on the VAS scores evaluated. Interestingly in addition to the muscle recovery, pain management, and anti-inflammatory benefits of Gremin® through various mechanisms, it was shown to have a positive impact on stamina and endurance levels.


Gremin® is a water-soluble powder and can be used as a standalone product or formulated together with protein powders.

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