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The global sports nutrition market has seen exponential growth in recent years. Interesting fact is that the customer base has been expanded from body builders,regular fitness enthusiasts to Health conscious common public .Hence there is always a scope for researchers to come out with some value addition and out of box thinking.

Exercise generates free radicals, especially exhaustive work outs. This can be evidenced by increases in lipid peroxidation, glutathione oxidation, and oxidative protein damage. Free radicals can be associated with inflammation. This could lead to cause muscle damages which may not be immediately diagnosed or felt. However the activity of cytosolic enzymes in blood plasma is increased after exhaustive exercise, which could be indicative of muscle sore or muscle damage.
Exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD) and soreness can limit performance,which happens commonly with athletes, regular gym goers and active individuals. Delayedonsetmuscle soreness (DOMS) and inflammation peak commonly during initial days following a resistance exercise session.
A proven natural anti-inflammatory agent #bioavailable #curcumin brand #biosolvecurcumin ( can be helpful in these cases.However we do not want to limit ourself with biosolve curcumin and hence the innovations team of #zeushygia has been working hard to bring up a novel ingredient for #sportsnutrition segment. The differentiated product for #endurance,#energy, #stamina and as a total #sportsnutrition to the #nutraceutical industry will be launched by this year #Gremin. Stay tuned!

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