Zeus Hygia Officially Launches Gremin® an Innovative Sports Recovery Ingredient in North America

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Zeus Hygia Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, as one of the youngest premiere India-based nutraceutical companies, brings a unique core concept focused on locating and introducing previously undiscovered Indian herbs and extracts.

Gremin® is compatible with proteins to improve long-term performance by accelerating recovery between workouts.

INDIA, March 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — To provide an effective solution to post-workout and competition recovery, Zeus Hygia has officially launched Gremin®, a proprietary patent-pending nutraceutical compound containing dual polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, and curcuminoids.

According to Arunkanth Krishnakumar, Zeus Hygia co-founder and director, Gremin® is a sports nutrition ingredient targeted for muscle pain management, enhancing muscle injury recovery, and controlling inflammation resulting from day-to-day vigorous exercise (and competition), and physical over-exertion.

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