Nutrigenomics studies show food affects your GENES

Nutrigenomics studies how food affects a person’s genes and how a person’s genes affect how the body responds to food.
Nutrigenomic studies the interaction between our genes and the foods we eat. it studies how people with different genetic makeups are affected by different foods.
Development of nutrigenomics provides opportunities to understand toxicity and safety profiles of nutrients, prevention of diet related diseases, avoidance of junk food supplements, and savouring less healthy foods with no effects on health . It provides an evidence for nutrition based recommendations called personalized nutrition
Nutrients can act on our genes and can change the genetic expression. Nutrigenetics studies how the way individuals’ genetic makeup influences their physiological response to the nutrients they consume. Chronic diseases and various cancer types can be prevented or at least limited by the ingestion of balance and sensible nutrition.
Many chronic diseases includes oxidative stress, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer and diabetes are genetic owing to changes in protein expression and downregulation or upregulation of genes along with some epigenetic changes related to adult chronic diseases such as DNA methylation and its tone modification.
There is a formation of intimal lesions in cases of Cardio vascular diseases due to deposition of lipids, pus cells, blood cells, fibrosis, inflammatory response and cell death in blood vessels. Nutrition plays a significant role in the management and prevention of Cardio vascular diseases .
Genes could help in the metabolism and lipid biosynthesis constitute peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR’s), fatty acid synthase (FASN), lipoprotein lipase (LPL), arachidonate5lipoxygenase (ALOX5), apolipoprotein E (APOE), etc. which can be modulated by consuming a healthy diet. Hence Personalized nutrition and Nutrigenomics can be an interesting tool to help prevent chronic diseases.
Personalized nutrition is a rapidly evolving technology based on Nutrigenomics like gluten free diets for celiac diseases and pro-biotics for lactose intolerance individuals have been developed in the food industry as a result of nutrigenetics. Further, phenylalanine‐restricted and galactose‐free, tyrosine supplemented diets are innovated to PKU patients and galactosemia patients respectively. Accordingly, these emerging nutrigenetic and nutrigenomic technologies are applied in novel food technology product developments. Specially research studies are carried out in the functional and medical food applications to develop nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.
Main advantages of Nutri genomics and Nutrigenetic technologies include improvement of health and preventing diseases through tailored diet and lifestyle prescriptions and effectively controlling chronic diseases.

The majority of nutrigenomic studies that have been executed thus far could be considered as basic study applying a single nutrigenomic tool set, with nutrigenomic results considered mostly as a secondary outcome and analyses performed in relatively small sample sizes.
Nevertheless the new genetic and genomic applications at the scientific level opens the door to a wealth of potential benefits to areas such as disease prevention and wellness, bearing in mind the necessity of ethical safeguards. Studying site-specific molecular effects of macro- and micro-nutrients is key in recommending personalized diets, and disease-specific dietary recommendations.

Zeus Hygia Lifesciences is keen to explore the Nutraceutical research based on Nutrigenomics and help to create potential food ingredients to fit into the future. Plant based ingredients Gremin and Grantria developed by innovation team of Zeus are basically targeted to effectively work on and improve metabolic health. Inflammations, Obesity, Cardiac health are some of the chronic disease areas where companies can invest on the science clubbed with Nutrigenomics to create nutraceutical ingredients.

Zeus Hygia Lifesciences is a science driven nutraceutical research firm based in Hyderabad, India.

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