Neutraceuticals – New Age Comrade-in-Arms Against COVID

If Covid-19 is a war, then mankind is fighting the war on a multifarious footing – masks, face shields, turmeric lattes, kadhas (kitchen-made potions) and the new entrants on the scene – nutraceuticals (a portmanteau of nutrition and pharmaceuticals) have now joined the bandwagon.

Maintain, Restore, Strengthen Your Immune System

Do nutraceuticals and dietary supplements also play a key role?

Do nutraceuticals have a prophylactic action/effect when it comes to battling Covid19?
The debate goes on as bottles and bottles of Zinc, Cod liver Oil, Vitamin C, Omega, Curcumin, Pre-Biotics and Pro-Biotics have been fly off the shelves since May, 2020. There has been a marked 20% increase in prescription and consumption of nutraceuticals.

The assault of Covid-19 has veered the focus on innate and adaptive immunity, where there is a conscious mind shift towards preventive health as a part of a robust strategy. From time immemorial Nutraceuticals are known to boost the immune system, especially of those with co-morbidities, hence are at a higher risk and have a dire need to adopt precautionary measures to ward off the virus.

Ancillary Nutraceutical Therapy for Covid-19 Long before the advent of antibiotics, herbal extracts and purified natural products played an important role in anti-viral therapy. Curcumin, a natural polyphenolic compound, can modify the structure of the surface protein in viruses, thereby blocking the entry of virus and virus budding. Soluble and bioavailable Curcumin may have better therapeutic benefits than plain extracts.

The strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties exhibited by these well-researched nutraceuticals can go a long way in preventing viral entry in lung cells. Often plant-based antioxidants help to naturally clean the respiratory tract preventing damage to lung tissue by free radicals.

Zeus Hygia LifeSciences is a platform, committed to a ‘Stay Healthy, Stay Safe’ philosophy with its proprietary technologies which develop innovative nutraceuticals ingredient products, marrying the dynamic logic with avant-garde technology.

Zeus Hygia Lifesciences is a science driven nutraceutical research firm based in Hyderabad, India.

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