Aging Gracefully, let’s Age in Reverse?

If you go by people’s Instagram stories or the claims made by advertising agencies, the days leading up to the New Year are supposed to be very merry and magical. However, for many, it’s just an uncomfortable reminder of time slipping away, of another year passing by without anything consequential happening – especially now that the world is locked indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic and nothing consequential is happening anyway. The realisation that you’re growing old can feel pretty dreadful and lonely. Having said that, if there is one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it is that monumental events don’t matter as much as health and happiness. So it’s not growing old that we should be afraid of, but losing our natural body capabilities as we grow old. Keeping the strength of our bones and the mobility in our muscles intact are things we must actively work towards.

That being said, exercising alone is not enough – your complete lifestyle makes a difference: What you eat, when you sleep, whether or not you have any vices are important considerations. Most people spend their youth saving up for their future hospital bills, all the while making decisions that will be the cause for them landing up in that hospital. What if, instead, we focused on taking care of our bodies while we still can – making corrective changes in our day-to-day routines? Doesn’t it make sense to eat clean now, so we don’t have to blow up our savings on a heart surgery later and become a liability to our family? Shouldn’t we stretch our joints as a preventive measure against age-related pain? Perhaps, consume the all-natural and vegan Gremin to build strength, stamina, and endurance?

This is just one facet of health. We have to learn to look after our entire anatomy: Smoking damages the lung The inability to manage stress can mess up our hormones and as a result, our metabolism and sex drive. So many factors come into play, yet how little we do for ourselves. Some may argue that growing old is inevitable, that eventually, we’re all going to become weak, senile, and incapable of doing the things we used to when we were younger. To such people we say – If you had a choice between playing a match where you will definitely lose and one where you have a 50% chance of losing, which one would you pick? The latter, right? Today, you have a choice between aging into a pain-ridden patient or one who has a 50% chance at good health – the other 50% accounting for situations beyond your control. So shouldn’t we all be choosing the latter? People over age 45 may need more of some vitamins and minerals than younger adults do. Apart from healthy eating, supplements may help the aged population to stay healthier. Zeus Hygia Innovations team has developed a proprietary patented ingredient Gremin® containing synergistic plant-based antioxidants. Gremin® has been clinically studied for its muscle pain-relieving benefits in addition to its effectiveness in muscle protection and in alleviating muscle spasms. Supplements like Gremin® may help continue regular exercise, walking, and fitness regime which is important to stay active across the age groups.

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