Nutraceuticals – The elixir for perpetual youth.

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Isn’t it rightly said that aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity
and strength. From time immemorial mankind is in pursuit of anti-ageing
solutions. As we age our metabolism goes down and inversely our need for
nutrients goes up. Lifestyle changes have resulted in overconsumption of
junk food which is fatty, salty and overtly sweet and low in nutrition. The
challenge lies in sourcing nutritional aids which aid healthy ageing by
ameliorating nutritional deficiency.
Healthy Aging & Awareness
A heightened awareness for well-being and a penchant for maintaining a
healthy lifestyle prompt consumers to seek anti-aging products on a daily
basis. Nutraceuticals made from various plants contain a significant amount
of phytochemicals with diverse biological activities. Nutraceuticals from fruit
or plant extracts help in reducing oxidative damage and promotes healthy
aging. People are on lookout for cleaner, clearer labels, plant-based,
sustainably sourced and responsibly made products. Gen Z is looking at
high levels of mental alertness and consistent energy levels. Whereas the
aging population looks at joint and muscle health for mobility purposes.
Healthy Aging & Curcumin
The anti-inflammatory properties of clinically validated Biosolve curcumin make it cover a
wide spectrum of health benefits like heart and joint health, brain function. Curcumin carries autoimmune and cancer-fighting properties, aids in psoriasis mitigation,
alleviating depression and other degenerative diseases. Thus curcuminoid
polyphenols in the rhizome of the turmeric plant have potent antioxidant,
anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. They aid in preventing cognitive
decline relating to Alzheimer’s disease.
Healthy Aging & Immune System
It is often found that our immunity goes down as we age. Older adults look
at maintaining a strong immune system with supplements like Betacarotene, elderberry,

vitamin C, Echinacea, zinc, and quercetin. People are looking for dietary
supplements that can help in the management of oxidative stress and
inflammation, preventing the development of chronic diseases in later life.
Nutraceuticals have driven home the point that consumers should go in for
science-based products that are safe, effective, and clean label.
Value-added and clinically studied Nutraceuticals from Zeus Hygia Lifesciences aim to promote
longevity, improve health-span, and protect against aging and stress. One of the latest additions in the portfolio a super dual antioxidant-based branded ingredient Gremin® is going to be a game-changer in the Healthy aging segment.

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