Bowel Movement and GUT Welness

CONSOLAX®, a unique fiber formula from Zeus is a proprietary ingredient of selected Soluble, Insoluble fibers along with natural plant fiber at a desired concentration for over all gut and digestive health and Constipation.

CONSOLAX® also possess anti-inflammatory benefits.

 It can be readily mixed in water/juices and consumed immediately. Product has beenformulated with acceptable taste and easy dispersability.

Proprietary Ingredient formula for Gut health

Patent pending & clinically validated

Targeting Unmet Therapeutic Segments

All Natural Actives


Improves Immunity & overall stomach well being and support the gut micro biota.

Improved Bowel Function
Healthy Balance Of Gut Bacteria
Better Quality Of Life
Anti Inflammatory & Immune Boosting
Supports Stress Reduction

What Distinguishes Us?

Our patent-pending proprietary formula boasts an easily dispersible blend with an acceptable taste profile, perfect for the fastest-growing market demands. Plus, it’s conveniently fillable directly into bottles for seamless production efficiency.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Findings


Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and meeting rigorous regulatory standards like ISO 9001:2015, CONSOLAX® sets the gold standard for quality and safety.

CONSOLAX® is a natural, plant-based fiber-rich ingredient designed to provide effective relief from constipation while promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, enabling you to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Zeus Hygia Lifesciences is a science driven nutraceutical research firm based in Hyderabad, India.

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