BioSOLVE Technology

Water soluble curcumin

Zeus Hygia has created one of the most advanced and scalable platforms for improving the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble actives, which eventually increase bio-efficacy, potency, and bioavailability.

The goal of Zeus BioSOLVE Technology is to encapsulate water-insoluble bioactives in a food-grade water-soluble matrix using novel phase coacervation techniques. This technology helps to deliver actives in situ with increased hydrophilicity, a larger surface area which may lead to better absorption and maximum efficacy. The carrier used in the encapsulation process is GRAS and widely used across the globe in the food industry.

The uniqueness and differentiator of Zeus BioSOLVE Technology is that the process is driven by a mono ingredient system.

The increase in water solubility with better dissolution properties and finer and uniform particles with larger surface area can be most likely be considered as driving factors for improved bioavailability and efficacy.

Zeus BioSOLVE Technology has unique delivery capabilities which allow the bio-actives contained in the encapsulation matrix to improve solubility and bioavailability. This advanced technology opens up a wide array of opportunities and comes with multiple advantages that, with advanced research, can be explored beyond the nutraceutical industry product development.

BioFusion Technology

Zeus Hygia LifeSciences has developed proprietary platform BioFusion technology, which enables to encapsulate the range of bio actives with unique bio potentiator adopting encapsulation technology. Zeus Hygia’s proprietary technology works on the principle of creating molecular dispersions of bio actives in safe and food grade media .The bio actives get encapsulated in food grade carriers and forms free flowing, uniform, micro-particulate structure. By employing the patented BioFusion technology It is possible to encapsulate the bioactive in the smallest, absolutely homogeneous units in the form of dry and/or liquid product forms.

A proprietary technology to infuse multiple Bio actives/extracts in a food ingredient carrier. This is a platform base where a soluble & Insoluble extract can be encapsulated to yield final product with synergistic properties and superior stability.

ADOP Technology

This is an Advanced processing technology to infuse multiple Bio actives in powder & oil form together into a plant based carrier. This technology yield a free flowing powder without any oil leaching during storage. ADOP is a clean label process and is completely aqueous based sustainable formulation technology.

Insolib Technology

This technology address the limitations of herbal extracts which tend to be unstable in acidic environment and leading to poor invivo absorption. pH dependend solubility and subsequent challenges in the bioavailability could possess challenges to bioactives in exploring the maximum therapeutic potential. Insolib Technology has been developed to overcome these limitations and carries the additional advantage of clean label ,solvent free process.