Start-up company brings technology driven BioSOLVE Curcumin to market

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Zeus has launched BioSOLVE Curcumin, a rapidly dispersible , bioavailable and clinically studied curcumin. BioSOLVE Curcumin comes with the advantage of being manufactured as a “mono ingredient” soluble matrix technology, ensuring significant therapeutic benefits at a very minimal daily intake.This could eventually benefit end users by reducing the daily dose burden. BioSOLVE Curcumin has shown […]


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The world is changing and so is the consumer requirements in the health industry.Looking at the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry the consumers are increasingly demanding customisation and convenience. one-size-fits-all is not considered as an appropriate approach to nutrition, #personalizednutrition and wellness products are in demand.  The demand is addressed mainly through personalized nutrition.Through personalized […]

Bioavailable Betacarotene and Bioavailable Curcumin as Potential and proven Natural Immunity boosters

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The #immunesystem is defined as a complex integrated network of cells, tissues, organs and soluble mediators, evolved to defend the organism against any foreign matter that threatens the integrity of the normal functions. The #immune response has been generally classified as : innate and adaptive immunity. The first line of defense against non-self pathogens is […]


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Turmeric, a member of the ginger family, is acquired from the Curcuma longa plant, a native to tropical regions in India and Southeast Asia. Historically, #turmeric was widely consumed to treat various human ailments in ancient Ayurvedic practice going as far back as 5000 years ago. #Turmeric features a trio of yellow-orange #antioxidant compounds, collectively called #curcumin. […]