BioFusion Technology

ZeusHygia LifeSciences has developed proprietary platform BioFusion technology, which enables to encapsulate the range of bio actives with unique bio potentiator adopting encapsulation technology. ZeusHygia’s proprietary technology works on the principle of creating molecular dispersions of bio actives in safe and food grade media .The bio actives get encapsulated in food grade carriers and forms free flowing, uniform, micro-particulate structure. By employing the patented BioFusion technology It is possible to encapsulate the bioactive in the smallest, absolutely homogeneous units in the form of dry and/or liquid product forms.

BioSOLVE Technology

BioSOLVE Technology is a patent filed novel platform technology from ZeusHygia which enables conversion of poorly water insoluble bioactive into highly water soluble and bioavailable form. This technology is based up on multistage solubilizing process of active with the selected unique excipient combinations prior to proceeding with microencapsulation of active into a hydrophilic carrier system.

MouthPour Technology

MouthPour is a matchless technology that converts herbal/nutraceutical compounds into fast dissolving free flowing powder which dissolves within 30 seconds in the mouth. This formulation can be taken even without water.