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The fruit of Milk thistle plant has been used as a Liver support remedy since 2000 years. It has been consumed since generations and centuries with multiple therapeutic benefits.

The standardized extract of milk thistle, silymarin contains Silybin as major active flavonoid. Although Silybin is the most prominent flavonoid in Silymarin, it is not well absorbed in the body. Hence when administered as such through oral route, the in vivo absorption is very poor and may not achieve desired therapeutic benefits..



SBS 40 (Enhanced silymarin 40%) powder is manufactured from milk thistle extract (Standard Silymarin 80%) using proprietary technology. Based on the studies carried out, it is evident that SBS 40 (Enhanced silymarin 40%) powder is rapid soluble and expected to be multifold bioavailable than regular silymarin.

SBS 40 (Enhanced silymarin 40%) is manufactured at a GMP certified facility and comes with all regulatory certifications meeting global requirements.